The Loss Prevention Approach to Business Security

The Loss Prevention Approach to Business Security

Depending on your unique needs, situation and location, you may need one or all available electronic solutions for your security issues. Therefore, we take the prevention method to provide security solutions. All too often alarm companies and security contractors take the in and out setting when selling security. The customer calls an alarm company because they need a burglary or fire alarm and the alarm company gives them exactly that without asking what or why. They want to make a quick sale and move on to the next.

An intrusion alarm itself will rarely deter, protect or solve anything. The author has witnessed many a burglary where the thief actually broke through a window that had an alarm companys sign directly on it. Talk about deterrence - it was worthless. Many thieves are very aware of slow police response to burglary alarms in most major cities. They know that the alarm means nothing means that the police takes twenty minutes to arrive or not even bother to answer at all.

After a careful look at their business, we discovered some interesting and startling facts. Milk farmers delivered milk 24 hours a day - completely unanswered. Nobody had considered the possibility that almost everyone could drive up and have total access to bulk milk tanks. Not only did these owners open to the plant against threats from terrorists, which can easily poison the milk but also from extortion. A person who is knowledgeable about these facts can easily call the owners and say pay me 10 million and Ill tell you how I tampered with your milk - if they actually did or not. This can not only result in an expensive recall but an even greater loss of consumer confidence.

The solution to this operation was short access to ensure that only authorized trucks could get into the basics and deliver milk and a comprehensive video surveillance system throughout the production facility. The cameras doubled as tools since now all aspects of milk processing can be observed from a central location in the control room. As it turned out, the camera system actually contributed more to production efficiency than security, but operators were confident in the knowledge that nobody could manipulate any part of the process without being observed.

Solution-building approach to security solutions is a key factor in choosing the right security contractor for your company, facility or even your home. A good security expert will know your specific business - or take the time to learn. A security solution will require an investment of time both in the security contract and yourself to understand all threats and how they relate to your specific operation.

It can take more than one go through and spend time with key people to form a complete program. In fact, your employees already know all the weaknesses of your safety. In such a factual experience of a major retailer we spoke with one of the dockers who pointed out the trash bin. This loyal employee was tired of his employees who regularly threw out good goods as injured. Then they later returned to the compressor after hours and picked them up to go home.

Even though your employees are honest and loyal, you can still suffer from the consequences of bad thinking, inefficiency and laziness on their part. Our favorite example was a large retail food market. All employees were well paid and gave a generous discount so that internal theft seemed to be the least. The store handled large amounts of cash and it was kept in a locked safe - or so the owner thought.

As we went through, we tried an age-old trick that my father taught me. We simply went to the checkout and turned the combination dial until we heard it clicked and opened it. The employees did not like to go into complete combination every time they had to deposit money so they always left it on the second to last digit. Problem was someone walking through the deal and aware that this could simply have opened the security observed and received the receipt of the day. Solution? A drop of chute into the checkout so it did not have to be opened every time money was needed and cameras to keep track of things.

So, preventive loss strategies are designed to both offer solutions and keep your losses to a minimum. The prevention method of losses must not only take into account past and present threats but also predict future.

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